Diagnosing COVID-19 using Chest X-ray

We use state of art deep learning models to provide with likely COVID-19 and Pneumonia predictions. Our aim is to identify affected lung regions that can help doctors understand the severity of illness of their patients.

SWIFT (Simple Whatsapp based Image interpretation at your Finger Tips) is a free Whatsapp based service to provide with swift diagnosis of potential COVID19 patients by analyzing Chest X-Ray images. We are running a small scale pilot where interested doctors within minutes, can receive a machine generated X-ray Report (as the one shown below) on sending us chest X-Ray of suspicious patients.

Whatsapp based service

Send us Chest X-Ray at +91 9743287599 to get patient report

Immediate Patient Report

Get instant patient report identifying presence of Pneumonia Type and Corona Virus

Locate COVID-19

Get regions of lungs infected with Pneumonia and Corona Virus

Covid Cases

Reports Generated

Sec for one patient report

Chest X-Ray used for Training

Patient Report Generation

Below images show sample report of patient tested COVID+ve


Chest X-Ray Analysis

The above image shows different stages of Chest X-Ray analysis our AI model interprests during identifying regions of high infections. (Left to Right) First image shows Chest X-Ray of COVID+ve patient. Second image consists of red bounding box which shows region of the lung where Pneumonia exists. Thind image gives suspecious regions of the lungs of the patient(red indicats regions of hight interest). Fourth image shows segmented lung region.


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